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Collection process flow chart

Collection process Handling flow

Indoor Collection Team
The indoor collection team will be in charge of making the first call to establish contact at the same time if contact is made, payment will be negotiated.
Indoor Support Runners
The support runners will assist to collect all payments the indoor team has successfully negotiated with the cardholders.
Outdoor Collection Team
The outdoor team will be responsible for a visit to the debtor’s residence or business premises to trace the delinquent cardholders and negotiate payment.
Admin Support Team
The admin support staff will support the collection team to follow-up on the entire skip tracing or follow up on any documentation needed from the client to accelerate the payment from the cardholders.
Legal Follow-up Team
The legal follow-up team will administer all files approved by the client that needs to have legal action and the team will ensure the legal process is closely monitored by the legal firm. The team is also responsible for getting the necessary legal papers which will be given to the collectors to make another effort with the defaulters.

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